Mar 18, 2019 - 08:32 PM
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DNA Transfer DNAFP to FTDNA Posted by : thomas
Dear DNA-Fingerprint Customers,

I just wanted to mention that Astrid is currently in Germany and this is the last good and easy opportunity to transfer your DNA from DNA-FP to FTDNA. Astrid will fly back on Saturday this week (May 5th 2007).

So if you want to transfer your DNA to the Houston lab and didn't indicate this before, please log in into your DNAFP account and choose FTDNA-Transfer from the Main Menu. On Friday when Astrid has packed her luggage we will remove the automatic transfer option from the website. The transfer will be then much more complicated for us, so please be considerate and use this last opportunity.

For those who don't want to transfer the extracted DNA will be simply stored in Germany as promised at -20 C in a regular freezer, but we can't guarantee 100% uninterrupted frozen storage in case of a failure of the freezer because we can't fix it so quickly from here in Houston. So we recommend the storage in the automatized REMP SSS storage in Houston (see for everybody who wants his DNA in a safe place.

Thomas Krahn

May 4th. 2006: The transfer form is now closed.

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