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DNA-template: 9947A
STR-locus: DXS10011
Link Out: GDB
STR-allele: 36
DNA sequence: (GAAA)27 GAAG GAAA (GGAA)4 (AGAA)3.
Comment: Int J Legal Med (2004) 118: 313319
DXS10011: studies on structure, allele distribution in three populations and genetic linkage to further q-telomeric chromosome X markers.
Author: Sandra Hering, Nicola Brundirs, Eberhard Kuhlisch, Jeanett Edelmann, Ines Plate, Mark Benecke, Pham Hung Van, Matthias Michael, Reinhard Szibor
Editor: thomas
Record created at: 2158.03.18
Last modification: 2158.03.18

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